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    Catalytic Converters - Suzuki

    Suzuki Catalytic Converters 


    Suzuki, a brand known just as much for its motorcycles as its cars offers a good value to car buyers looking for a sporty car that’s versatile. If you own a Suzuki car, chances are good it’s a solid vehicle, especially if maintained regularly. Suzuki’s do develop problems over time though, and one issue that Suzuki vehicles sometimes end up with is an emission system problem. Over time the check engine light will come on with some older Suzuki cars and SUVs and when it does it’s often for the emissions system. The catalytic converter in these vehicles wears out and requires replacement. When that happens an error code is put out and the vehicle becomes less efficient and dirtier as well. That’s why we offer Suzuki catalytic converters to use as a replacement. If you notice an error code on your vehicle, check it out and consider replacing the catalytic converter if it is an issue with the emissions system. 


    Here at Muffler Express we offer Suzuki catalytic converters designed to fit exact Suzuki models. These converters are made for long-term performance and they are simple to install as well. Most vehicle owners will be impressed by how easily the replacements go on after the original parts have been removed. Our catalytic converters are designed to slip into position and bolt into place for a good reliable installation. They come with the necessary hardware for installation as well. All the bolts, nuts and washers included with our kits are weather protected and built to last for many years of hard use without excessive wear. When used to install the part the converters can be relied on to hold up and continue working for many years. 


    Our catalytic converters are all designed from stainless steel on the outside to protect against corrosion during use. The outer layer is thick enough to withstand the impact from rock chips and other road debris. Each converter features an internal chamber made from ceramic as well. The chamber is designed to absorb the heat from your car’s exhaust to help heat up the converter and encourage the reactions to occur. 


    Catalytic converters are an important tool for neutralizing your vehicle’s emissions and for preventing air pollution, but not all converters are made the same. Our products are durable, designed to fit with precision and made to install easily. They aren’t the cheapest products available today though. Quality costs a bit more than the lowest prices. If you’re planning on buying a catalytic converter for your own vehicle think about the benefits that a quality part will offer you. You’ll be able to rely on it to keep functioning properly over time, and you’ll also get more protection with the product after you buy it. You can even add on an extended warranty with our products for a guarantee that the part is going to work properly. 


    It’s important to make sure your vehicle as a functioning catalytic converter, but that’s not the only important exhaust part and not the only thing you’ll have to replace in many instances. Along with getting a catalytic converter, you should think about swapping out the O2 sensors if they are older and you’re dealing with an emission system error code. We also offer other Suzuki exhaust system components that you can use to transform your vehicle in different ways. Go for a sporty exhaust pipe kit and speed up the flow of exhaust to bolster power output slightly. Invest in a performance muffler and change the sound of your ride as well. No matter what you want to achieve you can likely do it with exhaust system components if you get the right ones.