Toyota Corolla 03-08 Catalytic Converter 1.8L

$175.00 $289.00

Vendor: Muffler Express Ltd.
Type: Catalytic Converter
SKU: 07-2-0089.0-1
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Toyota Corolla Catalytic Converter

Fits all Corolla models from 2003 to 2008 1.8L 4cyl models.  OBDII configured converter core will not prematurely trigger check engine light.  Original unit welded to midpipe, our item is sized to slide overtop of existing resonator pipe when cut.  If your midpipe is already changed from original may need to be sized differently, email us if that is required as we can size prior to shipping.

Fitment Direct Fit
Inlet Count 1
Inlet Connection Type 2 bolt flange
Outlet Count 1
Outlet Diameter 1 2 1/8" ID
Outlet Diameter Designation ID
Outlet Connection Type slip joint
Converter Body Material Stainless Steel
Body Shape Round x 2
Substrate Material Ceramic
Oxygen sensor ports 1

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Customer Reviews

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In an effort to offer our customers the best of all worlds, we offer flexible warranty selection for most of our items.

90 days ( GOOD ) - this selection is chosen most by used car dealerships and or individuals that are expecting to get rid of their vehicles in the short term. Item is still constructed from top quality materials, simply discounted to reflect the limited warranty period and offer the customer the lowest possible price. Converters with this warranty are still constructed using OBD2 cores to ensure no premature check engine light and what the market would refer to as a standard grade OBD2 unit.

1 year ( BETTER ) - this is our most popular selection. These products come with a full 1yr warranty against manufacturer defects with unlimited mileage. Converters with this warranty feature a premium loaded OBD2 converter core with higher precious metals loading and/or a larger amount of substrate internally. Additionally, extensive use of 409 stainless steel tubing is used in these products for even longer life; these items are designed to last beyond the industry standard of 5yr or 50,000 mile on converter body and 25,000 mile on internal substrate.

2 year ( BEST ) - this is our premium line of exhaust products. Converters selected with this warranty feature a very highly loaded catalytic converter core and generally full stainless steel tubing construction. These are also know as our OEM grade units. These units feature either increase substrate volume or highly loaded California grade internal substrates and protective matting. Although not inherently California legal, the internal substrate is designed based on their standards. The result is a product that will last and perform for many many years.

There is NO warranty on converters that are melted, broken, overheated, or physical damages. Please see our info section as to why converters fail and what to do to prevent damaging your new product.

DO NOT be fooled by sellers that advertise '5yr' or 'Lifetime' warranty Catalytic Converters. In most cases this refers to perforation of the converter body only, nothing else. Since our converter bodies are stainless steel there is NO chance of rust-though. Our warranty is more complete and with ZERO paper work to fill out or keep track of.

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